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Make your way as a lonely, wretched vampire in Pittsburgh. Search for friends and try not to die horribly or lose your mind. Suffer through nine possible chapters and three possible endings. Endure an original soundtrack and fully voiced lines. 

Writer & Illustrator: Bill Volk

Lead Programmer: Charles Fry

Voices: Bill Volk, Jett Barker, Conrad Fimbres, Lucille Diamonique Bouledepoils

Music: Beau Squeeze and Lucas Pavao

Original Photographs: Bill Volk

Public Domain Photographs: NIpictures, Cbaile19, Photojunkie, Dmitry6, Daderot

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsbillvolkgames, Amish Warlord
GenreVisual Novel
TagsComedy, Horror, Vampire, world-of-darkness


Prince of Nothing v1.2.1.zip 146 MB

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BEST. GAME. EVER. Wish I could throw money at it.

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Thanks! The same team has started work on a new commercial project, a multiplayer dating sim, so keep an eye out.

Will do!


This is the best Vampire the Masquerade game I have ever played.


Thank you so much! That means a lot, as I know there are a lot out there now, especially your own, which I liked a whole lot. I hope you'll enjoy our team's next big upcoming project, a multiplayer dating sim in an original fantasy setting.


To gush more elaborately: You really just did an AMAZING job capturing how...absurd this world can be? Like really taking the setting to task for its pretention, but also with great affection for the world and while making a compelling story. That's such a hard balance to strike and I so often read art with this vibe drift into sardonic vitriol, but this work comes across as so loving.

Hail to the prince, indeed.

Will absolutely keep an eye out for that dating game!

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is it supposed to be silent? devlog says about audio

No, it's not. Try adjusting the volume in the menu. If that doesn't work, tell us as much as you can about the bug, because it isn't one we've encountered yet.


This was FANTASTIC! You've gone way above and beyond.

That first playthrough was eye-opening!


amazing, hilarious, I want to apply to live in this Prince's court.


this game is straight up genius. i can't get enough of it. this is cannon wod content in my heart. 


Naming the cat broke my game, the cat naming dialog never closes. Pretty funny though


Sorry about that! That's one of the bugs we've addressed in tonight's patch and devlog. Thanks for your feedback.


oh it's perfectly fine :D a lot of soul went into this game and it's really cool you are spending time to patch it. also, the writing is really funny and unique

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Repost from Jam page, in case it's helpful for you to have here as well:

"I'm the Prince, baby, woo!" I dig what you did. I'm so pleased someone did tragi-comedy, pleased too that someone did a game featuring a Nosferatu PC. Never did I imagine both wishes would be granted together! Creepstain is the perfect perspective character, methinks--a downbeat hopeful that goes with the flow. Whatever the outcome of the contest, I hope you will consider doing lore videos on Youtube (Creepstain's Guide to the Camarilla?) or something for the Storyteller Vault (27 Ways to Meet Final Death in Pennsyltucky?)--I promise to subscribe or buy if you do. "Ol' Sex-Haver, that's what they used to call me." Thank you for letting me play someone who appraises their own appearance as "a melted hobo" and "a coatrack covered in bad mayonaise." I have a comedy WiP over at Choice of Games which you might enjoy called, "Not Your Mother's Shire." No intending to self-plug on your thread. Just, us ugly comedians have to stick together. Cheers, friendo. Thanks for this delightful experience!


I love it!